What Are Clouds?

year: 2012


freely inspired by Che cosa sono le nuvole di Pier Paolo Pasolini
with Simone Bernardoni, Ilaria Giari, Marco Lambardi, Gianluca Mannari, Federica Rinaldi,Valentina Scarpellini, Diana Spadoni, Cesare Tedesco, Elena Tomaino, Vincenzo Viola, Paolo Faccenda, Lucy Statelli, Roberto Capaldi
direction Maurizio Lupinelli
assistant director and project manager Elisa Pol
costumes and props Maria Chiara Grotto, Silvia Proserpio
costumes and props making Francesco Mastrocinque, Adriana Stefanini
in collaboration with Terapia Occupazionale della Cooperativa Sociale Nuovo Futuro
artistic assistance Marta Bichisao, Vincenzo Schino
production Nerval Teatro, Armunia Festival
with the support of Regione Toscana – Settore Spettacolo
in collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Nuovo Futuro
photos Danilo Zito


premiere Festival Inequilibrio 2012, Castiglioncello (LI)


What Are Clouds? is the story of Shakespeare’s Othello through a puppet theatre animated by characters who approach life with poetic simplicity and an unwavering playfulness, even when facing life’s most tragic aspects.

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s 1967 short film is the starting point for this investigation of the individual and society in a ruthless dystopia, devoid of ethics and allegiances. The result is a depiction fraught with contradictions, “a dream within a dream” journey in search of lost humanity.



“Any categorization is limiting for a director and this staging aims at conquering, if not actually obliterating, all psycho-physical barriers. His theatre doesn’t look for facile audience approval: to be in it with him means to responsibly and wisely participate in a life project.”
[R. Rinaldi, Rumorscena, July 20, 2012]


“The chaotic and enchanting mixture of Shakespeare, puppet theatre and clowning is far more than a simple homage to Pasolini and is instead a deep reflection on causality and mystery, questioning a heedless society constrained by the restrictions of living in a conventional normality.”
[S. Lo Gatto, Teatro e Critica, July 10, 2012]




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