“The theatre belongs to everyone; it is where we find answers, explore our limits and become participants within the community.”

M. Lupinelli

Starting from here…


Maurizio Lupinelli’s short quote neatly sums up the motivation and necessity that prompted the creation of Nerval Teatro’s Laboratorio Permanente (Permanent Laboratory), a socially inclusive cultural project with disabled people in the lower Val di Cecina region. The project’s starting point was the confluence of different and distinct groups, such as Armunia in Castiglioncello, the Cooperativa Sociale Nuovo Futuro (New Future Social Cooperative) in Rosignano Marittimo and the Region of Tuscany. We call it a permanent laboratory because rather than being episodic, it is an ongoing, long-term endeavour that continues to provide a group of highly marginalized people affected by serious pathologies the chance to encounter and share theatrical practices – from workshops to staged performances- thanks to the longstanding relationship with director Maurizio Lupinelli and actress Elisa Pol and the involvement of visiting artists-in-residence at Armunia. In addition to being an exceptionally integrative experience, this project also provides an opportunity for the participants to acquire new autonomy and to experiment with different modes of communication which have enabled them to produce significant artistic results, earning them national and international recognition.


The core ethos of the project is the appreciation of the artistic value of working with these special people who reveal to us an otherwise hidden expressivity, hence nurturing new forms of theatre and experimentation.

Laboratorio Permanente


The Laboratorio Permanente is a workshop consisting of twenty physically and mentally handicapped persons between 25 and 50 years of age from the Cooperativa Sociale Nuovo Futuro (New Future Social Cooperative). Since 2007 the group regularly participates in the project’s various activities which are included in the morning Occupational Therapy sessions run by the Cooperative. The workshop takes place at the Danesin Auditorium in Rosignano Marittimo (LI) and is part of the Armunia residency program. Integration and exchange are fostered and enhanced through meeting and collaborating with the artists in residence, protagonists from the national theatre scene. As a rule, shows that debut at the Festival Inequilibrio in Castiglioncello are subsequently performed on stage in Italy and abroad.


The aim of the project isn’t simply to create performances with disabled performers. A show is only created when the workshop process has developed sufficiently and it is collectively decided to present it to an audience. The intention is to enable the people involved to acquire and strengthen relational and expressive capacities, independence, and that the stage be a safe space where self-discovery and experimentation can happen. The project involves a long-term creative process of study and research into an author before arriving at the creation of a show. Based on this premise a working practice has evolved that is aimed at exploring the dialogue between particular sensibilities and the discipline of the theatre, calibrated to the rhythms most appropriate to the people involved. The method that has evolved influences and defines the dramaturgy and the work with the actors, who become authors and conveyors of valuable and vital human material; a method that seeks to bring out the potential, positive qualities and innate artistic abilities of people with disabilities.

Laboratorio Permanete is Transferable


The project’s structure was formulated in observance of best practices and in 2019, thanks to the support and interest of the Department of Social Services, a similar project was created for the municipality of Ravenna, involving three different social cooperatives in the area (La Pieve, Selenia and San Vitale). After the initial phase of experimentation, started in 2019, the project will continue for a two-year period during 2020/2021 with the aim of creating a bridge with the parallel experiences of Laboratorio Permanente in Tuscany.

Tour 2022

10>17 January Teatro Novella Montanari (Ex Zodiaco), Ravenna

24>28 January Teatro Nardini, Rosignano (LI)

07>14 February Teatro Novella Montanari (Ex Zodiaco), Ravenna

21>25 February Auditorium Danesin, Rosignano (LI)

07>14 March Teatro Novella Montanari (Ex Zodiaco), Ravenna

28>30 March Auditorium Danesin, Rosignano (LI)

11>15 April Teatro Novella Montanari (Ex Zodiaco), Ravenna

19>22 April Auditorium Danesin, Rosignano (LI)

09>16 May Teatro Novella Montanari (Ex Zodiaco), Ravenna

02>06 May Auditorium Danesin, Rosignano (LI)

13>20 June Teatro Novella Montanari (Ex Zodiaco), Ravenna

20>30 June prove Pinocchio, Rosignano (LI)

1,2,3 July debutto Pinocchio, Rosignano (LI)

15 July participation in the performance “Tre baci per Micha”