Flash Mob Crossings

year: 2017


urban forays for free actors
by Maurizio Lupinelli, Elisa Pol
costumes Sofia Vannini
with Michele Cardaci, Mirko Fabbri , Paolo Faccenda, Elsa Francesconi, Marco Lambardi, Gianluca Mannari, Francesco Mastrocinque, Carlo Pannocchia, Barbara Osmani, Federica Rinaldi, Virginia Rodero, Valentina Scarpellini, Diana Spadoni, Lucy Statelli, Cesare Tedesco, Vincenzo Viola

production Nerval Teatro, Armunia Festival Inequilibrio
with the support of Regione Toscana-Settore Spettacolo
in collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Nuovo Futuro

photos DIANE|ilariascarpa|lucatelleschi


Attraversamenti/Crossings was the title of a show created in 2015 with the actresses and actors of the Laboratorio Permanente. The title brought us to understand how “crossing” a work can spark new ideas and new directions. We saw that through creating a show you can grow, change and activate new pathways. Our interest is in increasing the porosity of this shared experience: creating opportunities and sharing the valuable continuity of daily and unseen work in a relationship of trust, through which even a hidden path can emerge, revealing the potential of the dialogue between particular sensibilities and theatre.

With this performance, realized in the nerve centres of everyday life, we want to highlight discomfort in relation to city spaces. Women and men in situations of social difficulty usually live on the margins of society, sometimes they are not very visible and spend a lot of time in day centres that are often located in the suburbs. In this sense, the flash mob made in hubs and busy places of everyday life becomes an opportunity for people with disabilities to regain a “centrality”.

The guiding question is: how is the body represented in the public imagination? In this regard we chose to make an intervention that overturns our prejudices about disability issues, creating identities more imaginative and ironic than we are used to. The iconography can be a Hawaii, a real and imaginary paradise full of vitality and infectious energy.


Permanent Lab