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Curare il Teatro. Nerval Theatre’s Laboratorio Permanente at Armunia

edited by Gerardo Guccini and Marco Menini
ETS, 2019

Since 2007, the activities of Maurizio Lupinelli’s Laboratorio Permanente occur at the junction where three distinct entities converge: Armunia, the Coooperativa Sociale Nuovo Futuro and, of course, the unique body of artistic work by Lupinelli with Nerval Teatro. Armunia provides a home for Laboratorio Permanente and continues to promote the resulting works for the stage by including them in Festival Inequilibrio programming. The Cooperativa’s focus follows the process of social inclusion for participating disabled actors. Nerval Teatro relocates the potential of theatre to a social context aimed at community adjustment. The first chapter of this publication explores the development of Laboratorio Permanente and includes- alongside contributions by Marco Menini, Laura Caretti and Fabrizio Fiaschini– observations from Maurizio Lupinelli and Elisa Pol. Chapter two is dedicated to the participants of the Laboratorio. Chapter three is comprised of the speeches from the Curare il Teatro Round Table which was held – with the participation of Gerardo Guccini, Maurizio Lupinelli, Marco Menini, Thomas Emmenegger, Antonio Viganò, Caterina Casini, Claudio Ascoli and Massimo Paganelli – during the XXI edition of the Festival Inequilibrio (Castiglioncello 2018).

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La ferita. Inside the Theatre of Maurizio Lupinelli

edited by Marco Menini
Angelo Longo, 2015

It is no easy task to render, in a few pages, Maurizio Lupinelli’s biographical and artistic journey; to summarize the many varied encounters that have shaped him along the way and to describe his training as an actor and director- a training outside any formal academic structure, following meandering paths guided by instinct, a thirst for life and a continuous, insatiable need for new experiences. An itinerary that mixes autobiography, abrupt changes, impromptu escapes and his experiences on the stage (here the Teatro delle Albe is fundamental) that, from the eighties onwards, would emerge as a vocation and a course defined by the interweaving of two distinct paths: his experiences with the challenged and disabled and the path that, having left Le Albe, led to the creation with the young Elisa Pol in 2006 of their company, Nerval Teatro. The book opens with the autobiography of Maurizio Lupinelli and proceeds in geographical stages from Ravenna to Castiglioncello, passing through La Spezia and Milan. Contributions by Renato Bandoli, Tiziana Cavallini, Thomas Emmenegger, Gerardo Guccini, Maurizio Iacono, Massimo Marino, Marco Martinelli, Antonio Moresco, Andrea Nanni and Massimo Paganelli.