year: 2009


If the eye is frightened by what it sees, the heart stops suspended


direction Maurizio Lupinelli

with Mario Apollaro, Antonio Casella, Gemma Carbone, Tullio Ceccato, Chiara Cristodaro, Maria Fantoni, Patrizia Franchi, Franca Giglio, Marco Lambardi, Francesca Malinconi, Barbara Mangano, Gianluca Mannari, Federica Monti, Federica Rinaldi, Irene Paolini, Elisa Pol, Silvia Proserpio, Pietro Rafaniello, Francesco Roberto, Adriana Stefanini, Cesare Tedesco
production Armunia Festival e Olinda
in collaboration with Nuovo Futuro di Rosignano Marittimo


premiere La Festa del Teatro 2009, Milano


After his experience with Marat, Maurizio Lupinelli turned to his next project: L’incontro Mancato. Based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and conceived as a result of a series of workshops in parallel involving Olinda in Milan and Armunia in Castiglioncello, the work addresses actors- including those with disabilities. The show was premiered during the Milan Theatre Festival in October 2009 at Teatro La Cucina in the former Paolo Pini psychiatric hospital in Milan.


“Lupo discovers his material through collaboration, exploring and performing the miraculous. His focus is on otherness as a transcending of limitations, so much so that in the end the spectator can no longer distinguish who actually is the more limited (crazy who?).”
[Paola Teresa Grassi, KRAPP’S LAST POST, July 24, 2009]


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