Walking Memories

year: 2021

by and with Elisa Pol
artistic collaboration Raffaella Giordano
texts* by Elisa Pol
light Pensiero di Maggio
sound fragments Sleep by Max Richter
sound processing Flavio Innocenti
costumes Sofia Vannini
technical direction Mattia Bagnoli
production Nerval Teatro, Sosta Palmizi
with the financial support of Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, winning project of ERT- Spettacolo in Emilia Romagna Performing Arts under 40
with the support of Armunia, Olinda, E Production, KOMM TANZ/PASSO NORD progetto residenze Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni in collaboration with Comune di Rovereto, Teatro Lo Zodiaco
a special thanks to Paola Bianchi, Barbara Caviglia, Franco Caviglia, Elena Marinoni e Michele Bariselli – Rifugio Quinto Alpini
photos Luca Del Pia
*texts inspired by La montagna Vivente, Nan Shepherd, Wanda Rutkiewicz, la signora degli ottomila, Gertrude Reinisch, Tutte le opere, Antonia Pozzi, Il leopardo delle nevi, Peter Matthiessen, La montagna e il suo simbolismo, Marie Davy Madeleine, Sensi soprannaturali, Cristina Campo

Premiere: Festival Contemporanea 2021, Prato.

Walking Memories is a performance of gestures and words about the mountains and the worlds of memory and forgetting; a work by and with Elisa Pol who, in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Raffaella Giordano, reflects on the correspondences between landscape and the individual, between the spaces, textures, smells and sounds of places and their intimate reflections in the human soul.
“Being-in-the-world” is a porous state of openness, a willingness to embrace the external world’s landscapes which resonate within us, speaking to our own inner spaces, shaping and defining who we are, our thoughts and our memories. Yet more and more of us seem to have forgotten this and have lost a connection to nature. My aim, with Walking Memories, is to speak of mountains and everything not mountains that might lead to the faded and vertiginous image we have of our own inner peaks”.