Germany’s on my mind


Theater workshop
From Blood on the Cat’s Neck by R.W. Fassbinder
Project by Maurizio Lupinelli

Premise Germany’s on my mind
One of my biggest obsession is the German culture. Since I was young I enjoyed reading Böll, Hess, and the poet who influenced me the most, Hölderlin. Other German authors like Kleist, Büchner, Waiss, Brecht, to continue with Herzog, Fassbinder, Achternbusch, Schwab kept my obsession worm and strongly related to my instinct. I read them. Loved their company and suggestions. Throughout my entire career it happened to perform them on stage, as well to direct a show of their fascinating world. Every time, with them I went in touch with the unresolved, the unspeakable, the lack of answers and acceptance. It is the case of Kaspar, the man who comes from nowhere; Lenz narrated by Büchner; Elvira in the movie In a year of 13 moons. They all echo in my mind without solutions. The opportunity to organize this workshop in Berlin represent to me the next step of my intriguing relationships with the German culture and its answers.

The workshop
With this workshop we will stage Blood on the cat’s neck by RW Fassbinder. We will find some common traces that involves thinking and visions, by detecting all possible suggestions that came from the text and its characters. In addiction, we will take into account the individual experiences of each participant, who is called to become authr of herself/himself. Our staging’s goal consists on combining artistry and personal peculiarities and expressive potentials as well. The more the group will be heterogeneous, much richer will be the physically, the actions,the bodies, the breath, yhe inner voices. I hope to meet a babel of faces, where diversity becomes a overflowing strenght.

Calendar and frequency
19-30 January 2016
Time: 4 hours daily.
Schedule: 7 pm/11 pm
The last day (the 30th January) due to the performance, it is required to show up for the early evening.

€ 150

Venue of the workshop
In the Neukölln neighborhood in Berlin. In the underground warehouses of an old brewery. (see the photos below)

Who can participate
This workshop is open to anyone who wants to have this kind of experience: actors, singers, dancers, musicians, as well people who do not have stage experience.

30 people maximum

the workshop will be held in Italian.
The knowledge of italian language is not required to attende the workshop.

How to participate
If you want to attende the workshop fill out the application form below. Send it with a photo to before the 20th December.
Payment options will be provided after your registration.

Participants will receive a digital copy in Italian of Blood on the cat’s neck by R.W. Fassbinder. It is strongly recomended to read it before the beginning of the workshop.

Download the application form

Info & contact
Mauro Paglialonga
tel. 0049 (0) 15775729170.